Professional experience and customer satisfaction are the foundations on which it is born Mobil3.

Founded in 2002 with connotations craft worked on the local manufacturing products of high level, following the customers from the design to the installation of the final product, not only for doors and windows but also for components of furniture.

Market developments, subsequently, has also led our company to have to specialize, focusing our efforts on a single product: the door.

From this production decision and thanks to the know-how, the capacity of the human resources that are the backbone of our company, founded in 2011, the first collection of doors Mobil3.

Starting from here the transformation from small carpentry to small industry, with a proposal for a full articles ranging from laminate doors, to lacquered and veneer doors, while keeping alive the quality of a handmade product. In 2012 the company moved to new site in Torre Di Mosto doubling the production area.

With the opening of the new office and in the light of the trends, we have developed a production which now has more than 1000 articles divided into six collections, with a wide range of products “ready for delivery” to offer our customers a service quickly and effectively.

All this has allowed us to grow even in a time of market crisis like the one we are experiencing.

Change the market, products, tastes and growing volumes but, as in a laboratory of craftsmanship, our product is custom made, selecting only the best materials and trying to satisfy every need of our customers.