Professionalism, experience and customers’ satisfaction are the foundation on which Mobil3 was established.

Established in 2002 as artisan company, Mobil3 has worked locally making high level products, supporting customers from the planning stage to the installation of the final products, which included doors, windows and furnishing items.

In the following years market’s development has lead our company to focus on one product: interior doors.

From this manufacturing decision, and thanks both to the acquired know-how and to the ability of human resources which are the company’s backbone, Mobil3’s first collection was released in 2011.

The transformation from small woodworking shop to a small industry started in 2011 with a complete offer of laminated, lacquered and veneer doors, while keeping alive the quality of artisan products. In 2012 the company relocated to its current location in Torre di Mosto, doubling the manufacturing area.

With the opening of the new office and in the light of the evolution of trends, we have developed a production which now has more than 1,000 articles divided into six collections, with a wide range of products “ready for delivery” to offer our customers a quick and effective service.

All of this has allowed us to grow, even in a period of market crisis like the one we are experiencing.

Even though markets, products and tastes change, and sales volume grows, our product is still custom made as in a carpenter’s workshop. We only select the best materials to meet the specific demands of our clients.